DIY Decorated Clips Tutorial – Glitter Dusted Clips

This tutorial reviews steps to glitter dust your previously decorated clothespin clips.

Gather supplies:

-previously decorated clothespin clips (see “DIY Decorated Clip Tutorial”)
-glitter dust for top coat over scrapbook paper (Miss Party also really loves Martha Stewart’s Crystal Coarse Glitter, it gives a slightly different effect)
-waterbase, polyurethane varnish, matte or gloss
-1″ foam applicator, or small brush
-disposable plastic cup

Cover your work area with a plastic placemat, plastic tablecloth or newspaper

1. Pour a small amount of varnish into your plastic cup. Apply a second thin coat of varnish.

2. Sprinkle a light coat of glitter dust over the varnish (tap the jar gently with your forefinger). Do this over a sheet of paper so that you can pour excess glitter back into glitter jar. Set aside clip to full dry.

Whether you cover one or both sides of your clip with paper, Miss Party Smarty recommends only doing a glitter top coat on one side. While beautiful, glitter will forever continue to come off on someone’s fingers, so just do it for glam on one side.


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