“Etch-It” Smart-Tags – Miss Party loves their retro-style cuteness for more than just beverages!

Miss Party just loves these ‘Etch-It” Smart Tags!! They are just too cute AND practical! These etch-able tags are a hit for parties; adults who remember their beloved “Etch-A-Sketch” and kids (who don’t), just love personalizing their beverage cup, glass or water bottle. They are perfect in every way! You can easily re-position them if you make a placement mistake; they are waterproof so they won’t fall off even if the beverage cup ‘sweats’; and no pen is needed to do the etching, just a fingernail will do the trick!

If your party theme really has a strong retro-styling, don’t stop with the cups! These multi-use tags can be worked into your decor in tons of other ways. Think about using them as candy name tags for the glass canisters and containers on your candy buffet (they will pull right off the glass when you are finished with no issue); then continue the look onto plastic colored cups for noshing at the party, and party favor bags or boxes to go home with. You can temporarily personalize anything your guests need to identify later as their own; from a craft project done at the party, to party favors you prepare ahead of time. They would even be cute place cards if placed on a nice card stock.

The tags are hard to find in stores, but luckily, are fairly easy to find on the internet at party supply or alcoholic beverage supply websites. The price for a set of 15 tags does vary between $3-4.50, so shop around. Some websites discount when purchased in quantity. “Etch-It, Inc.” also produces their own cups in several colors with the label already affixed, also available online.

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