DIY Fabric Flowers – Rose-inspired style

Here is an easy way to make a rose-styled fabric flower. If you’re even a little coordinated with a needle and thread you’ll quickly master them. You’ll find lots of tutorials on the internet for other ways to assemble the flowers, with a variety of results. Experiment with those as well. Miss Party likes to mix and match different types of fabric flowers together, they coexist very happily together in their little fabric flower garden! No watering needed!

Any fairly lightweight fabric can be used, if you aren’t sure, purchase an 1/8-1/4 yard, then try it to see if you like the results. Tulle looks lovely as an additional petal layer between your other layers, and green tulle can be used for an impression of leaves if you attach a gathered piece to the bottom of your flower. You could also make the whole flower from tulle if you want a very delicate look. Chiffon works very well for a delicate look also. Experiment with different types of fabric, you could make quite a few flowers from just a 1/4-1/2 a yard. Miss Party likes the look the raw edges of her flowers have when slightly frayed, so she encourages the fraying a bit and then trims back the threads. If you prefer a cleaner edge, just trim back any fraying that occurs while making the flower or choose a fabric that won’t fray on the raw edge.

Materials needed for a 2 or 3 flowers:

1/4 yard + of each different fabric (use up to 3 different fabrics in one flower)
optional: 1/4 yard green tulle for leaves
needle and any color thread
sharp fabric scissors


1) Keep your fabric doubled and cut a long 2-3 inch strip of fabric. Do the same for each different fabric you want in the flower. Then layer them all face up, fold in half face up. In the pictures below there are 3 layers of fabric; 2 layers of chiffon (2 colors) and one layer of tulle.

2) From the end corner, begin cutting across the strip diagonally, taking about one foot to reach the other side of the strip. (See picture.)

3) With a freshly threaded needle and thread, begin running a stitch along the longest side of the layered strips, about an 1/8 inch from the bottom. (See picture.) Softly gather the fabric as you go to create a nice long gathered ruffle; knot the thread.

4) Begin rolling the ruffle from one end, with your fabric right side up. This is the becoming the center of your flower. Roll it a few times and put a few stitches in with your needle and thread to hold in place. Repeat this procedure until you come to the end of your ruffle. Add a few final stitches to be sure everything is secure and knot off the thread.

5) Separate the layers a bit to encourage the flower’s fullness. If you would like the edges more frayed, just rub the ‘petals’ in places between your thumb and forefinger to encourage the fraying. Trim the threads over the entire flower.

6) Optional: If you would like an impression of leaves being visible from underneath the flower. Cut a square of tulle approximately 2 inches larger than your finished flower. Pinch the square diagonally and run a few stitches through the pinched tulle. Attach this pinched tulle to the bottom of your flower. Trim the tulle back as desired.

Beautiful! Now, make a garden full!



  1. Alice in Oklahoma says:

    These are lovely. I can’t wait to try it. Thank you for sharing!

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