DIY Denim Fabric Flowers – Rose-inspired style

Miss Party has gone bonkers over fabric flowers! Denim turns out to be an amazing fabric for making fabric flowers. Here is a rose-style denim flower which is about 9 inches across, which is pretty big but it works beautifully because the stiffness of the fabric keeps the petaled edge in position. You can make your rose-style denim flowers, a realistic size or go for drama and make them really large, but Miss Party is hooked on the whimsically extra large variety a la Alice in Wonderland!

See DIY Fabric Flowers – Rose-type tutorial to get the gist of the process, then come back to this tutorial to make the adjustments using denim. See Fabric Flowers – Use them at your parties and events, for lots of ways to use fabric flowers. Enjoy some denim blues love!

Supplies needed for one flower:

-Approx 1/8th yard of denim (but does depend quite a bit on how large you intend to make the flower), if using a pair of jeans to get your denim, you’ll probably use the front of one pants leg of a good sized pair of jeans, for one flower
-sharp fabric scissors (need to be sharp, or you’ll be fraying the denim with every cut)
-needle and any color thread
-hot or warm glue gun
-glue sticks

1) Gather just one layer of denim with needle and thread, and do not pull the gather extremely tight. Also, play with cutting a wavy outer edge for all sections to imitate real petals. It will turn out similarly to the one in the picture above.

2) Roll the flower’s center towards the ‘right’ side of the denim. Use hot glue to hold denim as you roll the gathered side into the rosebud (instead of trying to stitch through multiple layers of denim).

3) For a large rose use multiple gathered sections. Glue each subsequent section a little farther out from dead center to give the final rose more width. Continue adding gathered sections until the rose is your desired size.

4) Make a center for your flower by taking a scrap of denim and make a tight roll (roll the fabric towards ‘wrong’ side of fabric). Use hot glue to hold the fabric in place. Cut a 3/4-1 inch slice of your rolled denim. This will represent the rose’s pistil and hide the inside edges of your gathered flower, making the flower look more finished.



  1. carla says:

    How big is this when complete?


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