DIY Denim Fabric Flowers – Mum-inspired style

Miss Party has been so excited to get started prepping these denim flowers that she admits she’s lost some sleep thinking about them. Grab an old pair of blue jeans or purchase a yard of new denim to give you material to work with to make four or 5 flowers, maybe more depending on the finished flower size you are going for. Once you’ve gotten the hang of making them, they’re a bit like giving a mouse a cookie, you’ll NEED to make one more!

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See “Denim Blue Jeans” Inspiration, or Fabric Flowers – Use them at your parties and events, if you need ideas on HOW to use them. Each flower takes a little time, but making them isn’t particularly difficult or complicated (don’t get scared off from the length of the directions!). They’re really fun to make!

Supplies needed for one flower:

-Approx 1/8th yard of denim (but it does depend quite a bit on how large you intend to make the flower), if using a pair of jeans to get your denim, you’ll probably use one pants leg of a good sized pair of jeans, for 1-2 flowers
-sharp fabric scissors (scissors need to be sharp, or you’ll be fraying the denim with every cut)
-paper, pen, round objects for tracing (use a small saucer or coffee mug, object should be about 2 inches smaller in diameter than you want your final flower to be)
-hot or warm glue gun
-glue sticks

1) Use your round object to cut one circle of denim.

2) Make a paper stencil for the fabric tubes: Take a 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheet of paper, bring a bottom corner up to meet the long edge and crease that diagonal. Cut away the excess paper at the top. Open the triangle and cut along the crease so you now have two triangles, use these two triangles to experiment with making tubes that will be the length you want for your flower petals. Roll the paper into a cone shape, lengthwise. Adjust length of your tubes by cutting away the pointed end of the cone. You can also adjust the look of the flower by rolling the tubes more tightly or loosely, as desired, just be consistent with each layer of tubes. The end of the tubes that you will see can be pointed (depending on how you cut your pieces or you can cut each tube on the diagonal to expose the ‘wrong’ side of the denim just a bit), or without a point.

3) Begin cutting tube pieces. As you can see, you’ll need lots! How many you’ll need depends on how large in diameter your particular flower is. Start with 12 and add tubes as you need them. Roll and glue each piece into a tube, being as consistent as possible in the width of the tubes.

4) Using hot glue, glue the tubes along the radius of your denim circle ‘base’ which is ‘right’ side up. Each tube should be placed so that it extends beyond the edge of your fabric circle approximately 2 inches, with the seam of the tube placed downward. Use your judgement as to how closely together you want each tube to be, the smaller the flower, the closer they should be placed. Complete the first layer of tubes all the way around the circle. (The center should be open.)

5) Make more tubes of the same length and add a second layer of tubes, placing the second layer in between each of the tubes from the first layer (making this adjustment also covers the denim circle seen between the tubes from the first layer.

6) Make more tubes but roll them tighter. You will start filling in your flower’s center with shorter tubes (point of each shorter tube should be placed in an identical direction as the previous two layers it is nearest). You’re going for a radiating effect,

7) For the very center of your flower, you can either fill it in with a rounded top of petal tubes, mum-style, or cut short 1 inch tubes and place one or a cluster (imitating the pistils of the flower).

For variety in flowers, vary the tightness of your rolled tubes, sharpness of the point on your tubes, finished size of the flower, centers of flowers, and color of denim. Have fun and be creative!


  1. Very creative and very pretty!


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