DIY Denim Fabric Flowers – Large, rounded petal-style

Miss Party loves a beautiful fabric flower!! There are many gorgeous, tiny, delicate versions floating around out there. This denim flower version isn’t tiny or delicate, they’re super-sized! Denim/recycled blue jeans fabric makes a sturdy flower, yet still imitates the delicate nature of a flower, and has the added surprise of being made from something people wear routinely. The two images below show an 8 inch flower and then a huge 14 inch flower. For perspective of the flowers in relation to each other, click on the link below for “Denim Blue Jeans” Inspiration.

If you need a few ideas for how to include fabric flowers in your party decor, please read “Fabric Flowers – Use them at your parties and events!”. Also read, “Denim Blue Jeans Inspiration – Take a classic and give it a twist!”. Each flower takes a little time, but making them isn’t particularly difficult or complicated. They’re fun to make and don’t be afraid to ‘go rogue’ and make the petals in a completely different shape than this tutorial flower. Even after you’ve completely assembled the flower you can still adjust the shape and size of the petals on this particular flower because of their raw outer edge.

Supplies needed for one flower:

-Approx 1/8th yard of denim (but it does depend quite a bit on how large you intend to make the flower), if using a pair of jeans to get your denim, you’ll probably use one pants leg of a good sized pair of jeans, for 1-2 flowers
-sharp fabric scissors (scissors need to be sharp, or you’ll be fraying the denim with every cut)
-paper, pen, round objects for tracing (use a small saucer or coffee mug, object should be about 2 inches smaller in diameter than you want your final flower to be)
-hot or warm glue gun
-glue sticks

1) Use your round object to cut one circle of denim.

2) Make stencils for 4-5 sizes of petals ranging from large to small.

3) Run a line of hot glue about 1-2 inches from the edge of your denim circle. Using one of your largest petals, manually gather the inside end of the petal and lay that gather along the line of glue, hold for a few seconds for the glue to cool and hold in place. Continue doing this around the circle.

4) Continue building layers. Take your next sized petal and run a second layer around using the same general process of gathering the inside end of each petal and then glueing in place. However, shift or stagger the petal placement to be directly between each of the petals of the lower layer, so that the petals below are still visible.

5) Continue making layers until flower has the fullness you are looking for. If your flower is extremely large and the lower layer petals are too floppy, glue petals to the layer above them to give them support. To finish the center, take your smallest sizes of petals and run a thin line of glue across the end of the petal and quickly gather the end and pinch closed (a clothespin or other clip is helpful), holding for a few seconds for glue to cool. Run a short line of glue in your flower’s center where you want to place the petal and carefully set your petal (pay attention to placing the petals with fabric right side up and continuing that concentric placement). Build up your center filling in the center with petals.

6) If you would like your flower to have a ‘center’ of imagined pistils, roll a scrap of denim into a tube and glue the edge in place. Cut tube into 1/2 inch slices and glue one or more into the center of your flower.



  1. Very nice article! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  2. Love it! It’s the first “no sew” flower like this I found! Can’t wait to try it!

  3. Sue Harsanyi says:

    Great instructions. Easy peasy to make.

  4. Chloe Duffy says:

    i really like it im going to use it for a school project. Thanks!

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