“Mad Tea Party” Theme – a la Hatter, Vintage Style, Part 3C – Even MORE decor!

This is a continuation of “Mad Tea Party” Theme, Part 3B – MORE Decor. Miss Party is forging on with lots more ways to decorate the Mad Tea Party space!

Create an artistic ‘Truly Unruly Cards’ Centerpiece for a table display or a larger version as a garden sculpture. Create small ‘Wonderland montage’ centerpieces of collected vintage objects that tie into the Wonderland theme, keep them feeling authentic whimsical, rather than childish. Go for vintage, whimsical English excess with lots of random knick-knacks grouped together.

See “Teetering Teacups” Centerpieces (this link will take you to Part 1 of 3) for ways to use old decorative objects to make themed decor to set on tables. Hang empty gilded wooden frames (if guests are able to walk behind the table, paint the backs of the frames black) with invisible fishing line at odd angles along the back edge of your buffet table or other important table as a backdrop.

Bring indoor furniture outdoors and create a small conversation ‘parlor scene’ in the middle of your outdoor space that guests can actually use. Place two Victorian-styled or high-backed, upholstered chairs with a small table between them, and a small oriental rug underneath. Stand an iron coat rack behind the chairs with a vintage black top hat hanging on a coat peg (don’t forget to add a ticket that says “In this style 10/6”). Look around your home for other ‘props’ that would tie into the ‘Alice’ theme or Victorian style.

Of course, you’ll need all manner of vintage cards, signs, “Drink Me!” and “Eat Me!” tags, and invitations! (See DIY Vintage Paper tutorial under DIY Party Projects.) A quick search for ‘Alice in Wonderland illustrations’ will get you dozens you can print (for home use only). See MYO Framed and Colorized Storybook Illustrations to use on tables throughout the party space or where guests pass by on their way to the party space. Don’t forget to set a framed illustration in the powder room for fun, too!

Make vintage styled Fabric Pennant Garlands to drape through the party space and add in paper lanterns. Make another miniature fabric pennant garland, to play off the larger version. Attach oversized playing cards to 1/4 inch satin ribbon to string through the party space.


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