Behind the Scenes of a ‘Grimm and Wicked Fairy Tales’ Halloween party invitation!

Miss Party is loving her delightfully creepy invitations for the 2012 Halloween party! The Burton-esque style ‘Grimm and Wicked Fairy Tales’ theme for the 13th(?) annual party has lots to work with and plans are coming along nicely. The last couple of weeks have been all about creating the party invitation which sometimes gets pretty complicated, usually reflects the mood and specific theme of that year’s party and is always fun to put together.

This year’s invitation is no exception! It’s very time-intensive, definitely reflects both the theme and the Burton-esque mood and has been really fun to brainstorm. The preparation to get to the point of assembly, however, is taking Miss Party a bit longer than expected to complete (cutting out those tree branches is wicked time-consuming). The good news is that the quantity needed is manageable. Nonetheless, she really needs to get her little tail feathers moving this week!

So, the components of each invitation are as follows: 1) a medium gray card is backed and matted by an A7 darkish primary blue card (the finished piece will be 5 1/2″x 8 1/2″); 2) the gray card will be printed with the party details in black in a ‘Corpse Bride’ font; 3) a 1″ black and gray pinstripe paper strip will most likely wrap the middle of the gray card (the pinstripe reminds Miss Party of Jack Skellington’s pants from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”); 4) creepy ‘Black Forest’ silhouette tree branches are cut from black card stock and wrap around the assembled card (remember those freaky apple trees in the Wizard of Oz?…Nightmare City!), and 5) a black A9 envelope will have a white address label with a Victorian border or a white ink pen for the addresses (whichever looks best).

Of course, the silhouette tree branches are the highlight of the invitation and have been given the royal Burton-esque treatment with the ever-stylish spiral shapes. Miss Party is crazy for black silhouettes of just about anything and is loving how these branches actually move. They really add another dimension to the invitation and Miss Party has to suppress a small squeal of delight at how the recipient has to interact with them to reveal the party information. No, it doesn’t take a whole lot to give Miss Party a thrill!


What do you think?

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