DIY Rose Petal Garland – Pretty and delicate!

Here is a pretty and delicate garland idea that is super quick and easy to make for Valentine’s day decor (which isn’t far off), an upcoming spring bridal or baby shower or any feminine-themed party! Yes, really! It took just 15-20 minutes to make the pretty, silk rose petal garland in the pics below.

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If flowers play a large part in your party decor, make lots of petal garlands. Miss Party also suggests you thread rose petals more sparsely and sporadically along multiple strands of fishing line cut to various lengths and hang the strands vertically from the ceiling or tie them along a branch or rod which is then hung horizontally (would be beautiful as a backdrop for a food or dessert table!). It gives the guest the feeling that it’s a rain shower of rose petals. Very pretty!

You needn’t just do rose petals either, look for other mini silk blossoms and silk petals you could thread into garlands; i.e. cherry blossoms (for an Asian-inspired theme), forsythia blossoms (spring theme), daisy heads, etc. Choose a flower that ties into your theme or because of it’s color.

For one garland, you’ll need:

2 packages silk rose petals (various colors available, try looking in the bridal supplies aisle or flower arranging supplies aisle of a large craft store)
Invisible fishing line
Sewing needle

1) Cut a piece of 6-7 ft. fishing line and tie a 6 inch loop on one end (to give you something to hang the end on). Thread your needle onto the other end.

2) Thread on sets of 3, 5, 7 or 10 rose petals onto the fishing line at one time. Intentionally vary the location of the needle placement into the petals so that they do NOT line up with each other and look random.

3) After each set of petals, single tie a quick knot in the line so that the rose petal set will stay in place within it’s space on the garland.

4) Continue threading sets of petals onto the line, tying a single knot in the line after each set until you reach about 1 ft from the end. Make a good double knot or second loop with the final foot of fishing line. Once the garland has been hung, you can make any slight adjustments to petal placement necessary.




  1. What a great idea! I think I want to try this to decorate my dorm room this spring!

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