DIY Whimsical Ribbon Topiary – Party table decor that is bursting with color!

Here are a few pics highlighting the whimsical curly ribbon topiaries that Miss Party created for the “On Cloud Nine” grad party. They turned out so cute she could hardly stand it!

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Basic supplies needed for 1 topiary:

1 large Zig Zag Pot or other base container of your choice, in color of your choice
supply of small rocks and pebbles (weight down base)
Gorilla glue, hot glue gun and sticks
1″ thick dowel, cut to size
white semi-gloss latex paint (spray paint or brush on)
1″ black electrical tape
2 curly ribbon gift toppers
1 package of pipe cleaners
Various fabric ribbons in 1 yard lengths

For the base of the topiary:

The base of each topiary pictured is a large plastic “Zig Zag Pot” available through The Container Store, but a clay or ceramic pot would work equally well. A 1 inch thick dowel was cut to the desired length and spray painted with a white semi-gloss (you could brush paint as well). Next, black stripes were easily made with 1 inch black electrical tape, spaced 1 inch apart. The prepped dowel was placed in the center of the pot and then small rocks and pebbles were gradually added and hot glued into the base to make the topiaries sturdy and stay upright even if windy. (Hint: Continuously check to be sure the dowel is perfectly vertical before the hot glue has a chance to harden.) Once the dowel was relatively secure and rocks filled 1/2 the pot, Miss Party drizzled Gorilla glue over the rocks and into the crevices. Pots were left to harden.

The ribbon ball-shaped tops were made by taking two pre-curled ribbon gift toppers available in most gift-wrap aisles (ribbons were bright multi-colored), taking brightly colored pipe cleaner and twist-tieing them together, then curling those ends around a finger. Miss Party tied a large assortment of ribbon streamers (each about 1 foot in length) together to make a bunch then hot glued the bunch to the top of the dowel to attach. Next, she hot glued the ribbon bunch to the dowel, covering the unsightly knot of ribbon streamers. Then, she proceeded to tie in more ribbon curls and pipe cleaner curls until the topiary had a nice rounded look. Voila! Only 7 more to go…

Give them a try, they have a lot of party punch!! Any variations to this idea you’ve tried? Post your suggestions.


The Container Store: Zig Zag Pots


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