DIY Party Paper Chains – Retro classic with a modern twist!

]Do paper chain garlands or crepe paper streamers ever get old? Have they ever stopped making us happy with their bright colors and cheerful party-ness? Miss Party has a soft spot for paper projects and most anything that falls into that retro-classic look, so paper chain garlands just work!

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Paper chains have a sweet, homemade look that can’t be be beat. When you want to say, “there’s a party in the house!”, an easily color coordinated paper chain says it all. Miss Party wanted a hip, snappy paper chain, though, for her “Chit-Chat & CHEER” holiday party so she went modern on this classic.

As a general rule, the chain links are made of colored construction paper. The new thought in this post is to give an old classic a modern twist. It’s the holidays right now, so Miss Party used a super bright and sparkly eclectic mix of wrapping papers (some Christmasy) in metallic patterns and solids to achieve what you see in the pics, however one could apply the idea to any occasion or holiday.

Miss Party purchased about 6-8 different rolls in a variety of metallic patterns and solids which covered most major colors seen during the holidays (red, green, turquoise, bright blue, purple, hot pink, gold, silver). Then, additionally purchased rolls of black and white stripes, polka dots and herringbone.


Miss Party wanted links that were like big, wide ribbon. Here are the super simple directions:

1) Depending on how long you want your paper chain to be, cut 10+ paper links, made 15″ length X 6″ width, from each of your various papers.

2) Fold each link in half lengthwise. Keep each different paper pattern separated in a pile or folder until ready to assemble. (The reason for folding the wrapping paper links in half is so that you won’t see an undesireable, white center to each link.

3) To assemble: Take one paper link and a hand-held (smaller is easier) stapler with lots of staples at the ready. Fold a 1″ ‘hem’ under on one end of link and bring the other end around to meet the hemmed end. Tuck the unhemmed end unded the hemmed end and staple the two ends together. Place one staple on each side of the seam.

4) Choose a second link to thread through the first link, bend over a 1″ hem and staple the link closed just as you did the first link. You should now have two chain links attached to each other.

5) Continue forward from here mixing all the patterns and colors (randomly if an eclectic mix is desired or in a pattern), making links until the desired length is achieved.

Remember to allow extra length for a swag when hung. The chains aren’t super heavy but do have more weight than streamers. Miss Party hung hers with push pins.

Miss Party also did a petite paper chain with links that were 7 1/2″ length X 1 1/2″ width (which is just half of the wider links) with left over paper. It was a nice addition but takes much longer to make a chain long enough to do something with.

This is an easy beginner DIY party project for older kids and adults so you can enlist a few helpers for the assembly of the paper chain garland.

Paper chains rock!!!


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