Miss Party’s Perfect Home Party Planner

This planner is appropriate for parties held in a home environment, indoors or out.


___-Decide on party details and approximate number of guests.
___-Make a critical “TO DO” list of anything in the party space that needs to be repaired, deep-cleaned, planted, purchased, etc.
___-Line up whatever work that needs to be done to take care of items on the above “TO DO” list.
___-If desired, contact a caterer and/or a service waitstaff business, secure one or both and work out tentative plans.


___-(Complete any/all of the above.)
___-Follow Miss Party’s “Party Ensemble Planner”.
___-Make a detailed guest list.
___-Decide on party details: date, time, location, purpose, food/beverage plans, theme/inspiration, decor ideas and colors, etc.
___-If mailing invitations: purchase paper supplies or purchase boxed invitations; purchase stamps, collect guest addresses.


___-(Complete any/all of the above.)
___-If mailing paper invitations, prepare and address them (mail them 2 1/2-3 weeks ahead), ask for an RSVP one week before party date.
___-Make a “Party Itinerary” and a page of notes of any party decor ideas or activities so you don’t forget them.
___-Reserve small rentals items; glasses, china, utensils, bus trays/stand, food tables, etc.
___-If party held outside, plant seasonal annuals in flower beds and planters to add a pop of color.
___-Shop for party decor.
___-Work on party decor projects, if any planned.


___-(Complete any/all of the above.)
___-Mail paper invitations or send e-invitations.
___-3 weeks ahead, take table linens to dry cleaners for pressing or DIY.
___-Purchase paper products and plastic beverage glasses, if needed. (Consider paper goods for children.)
___-If children will be present, think through a party activities plan. A DIY activity/craft table? Supervised game? A video? Purchase supplies needed.
___-If needed, arrange for a teen babysitter to help keep young guests (and your own children) happy, occupied and safely supervised.
___-Party favors? An edible favor is best for all ages. Buy supplies needed.
___-If Plan A is for the party to be held outdoors, be prepared and think through Plan B.


___-(Complete any/all of the above.)
___-Think through equipment/platters/dishes needed. Buy or borrow what you don’t have.
___-Clean the house, especially bathrooms. Put away breakables or valuables.
___-Prep children’s activities.
___-Place helium balloon order, if desired.
___-Make food description tent cards or attach to place card holders. Guests will appreciate not having to ask.
___-If possible, assemble party favors.


___-(Complete any/all of the above.)
___-Get out EVERY dish or platter needed for your individual food dishes and serving utensils. (Wash up as needed.)
___-Put a sticky note with food dish name into corresponding dish to be sure there is one for every single item (including condiment bowls) that will need a container to minimize ‘day of party’ chaos.
___-Reconfirm food pick up or delivery details with caterer, if using.
___-Wash beverage glasses and hand wipe.
___-Set up food and beverage stations.
___-Get a pad of paper and go through each recipe and every station to make a complete grocery list.
___-Grocery shop. Multiple stops may be needed to gather all ingredients.
___-Buy flowers.
___-Prepare edible party favors.


___-(Complete any/all of the above.)
___-Call any late RSVP’s.
___-Prepare or prep any food dishes that you can work on ahead.
___-Prep the buffet table and beverage stations.
___-Set up children’s activities, prep items.
___-Decorate public spaces. Arrange flowers for tables, entryway, powder room.
___-Do baking, if planned.
___-Consider assigning a family member to be a ‘Greeter’ at the door/entrance to welcome guests and take their belongings to ease initial arrival congestion and free up host and hostess.


___-(Complete any/all of the above.)
___-Pick up small rentals such as glasses and linens.
___-Pick up bakery order, if possible.
___-Decorate party space as completely as you can, if possible. (If outdoors, wait to put up party decor until the day of.)
___-Water and weed outdoor pots and flower beds, cut grass that will be seen by the guests.
___-Sweep outdoor party space.
___-Cook and prep anything that can be made ahead.
___-Tidy bathrooms and public spaces.
___-Prep music and test volume level.


___-Pick up helium balloon order, if placed.
___-Pick up catered food or bakery order, if necessary.
___-If party held outdoors, put up party decorations.
___-Or, finish indoor decorations.
___-Cook/bake anything yet to be done.
___-Finish setting up food and beverage stations.
___-Get your own shower!
___-Get kids dressed.


___-Start party music to relax EVERYONE and signal the party will soon be starting. Will yourself to RELAX!
___-Ice drinks, fill ice bucket, make punch, make drink garnishes, complete beverage station.
___-Continue working on any food items you are handling; finishing cooking, warming food and prepping platters.
___-Caterers or servers may arrive now to set up. Work with them to convey your plan and what you expect them to take care of.


-BE THE HOSTESS!!! Welcome your guests and make them feel comfortable.
-Take coats and handbags to a prearranged place.
-Take each guest to the beverage station and assist them with getting a drink before you leave them to mingle.

No one will know anything that DIDN’T happen – don’t worry, be happy!


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