Retro Game Night Party – Throwback fun with friends!

Looking for something fun to do with a few friends or a small gathering? Plan an unplugged evening of retro food, fun and games (board games, group card games like poker, ‘party’ games, billiards, even ping pong). It can be as easy as a pot of chili or veggie soup, beers and Trivial Pursuit to a mysterious formal dinner party, and a rousing game of ‘Clue‘ in the Billiards room.

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Go as far down the “let’s get authentic”, era-themed path as you’re inclined (or not if you want to keep it low key). Pick a game or two and let the era those games were most popular suggest a fun food and beverage menu. Everything you need to know –from most popular cocktails, to favorite recipes, to fashions of the day, can be determined easily with a few internet searches. Most everything bleeds over several eras or makes a resurgence in several eras so don’t get nitpicky. Conversely, if you have a favorite retro era, find out what games were popular at that particular time period and let that be the game of the evening.

If you’re stepping back to the 50-60’s, pull out a couple of Mom’s old cookbooks, raid her recipe box or head to the library for some hip recipes. Going back even further? Try internet searches for recipes popular at the turn of the century or the ‘roaring twenties’. Another idea on the food, is to ask everyone to bring an era-appropriate dish for a fun (and easy on you) potluck dinner. Also run searches for popular cocktails and beverages.

Miss Party has been thinking a MadMen/Rat Pack-esque 50s Poker night would be some serious fun. Martini or canapé, anyone? Ooh, how about a 1920’s Bunco Parlor speakeasy –now that sounds like the bee’s knees! Sometimes you want to really get into it and go all out, sometimes it’s nice to keep it easy. The other night it was an excellent bottle of wine, snacks and a competitive game of Scrabble. They’re all good! Got any ideas for your game night?

(Miss Party has several posts related to a 50s MadMen-style party, from menu to decor.)


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