Miss Party’s misadventures in entertaining overnight guests – Part 5, Decorating

Thought those of you who’ve followed this thread of posts on updating Miss Party’s guest room, might like a peek into the room to see how it’s starting to shape up. Miss Party’s younger daughter is home from college for spring break week so this corner is about the only spot in the room fit to photograph at the moment. Of course, it’s all good and order will be restored in good time.

imageThis week not too much is going on, trying to work on the artwork a little here and there. Miss Party just had her sister’s lovely still life photograph reframed and is liking it leaned up against the wall along with a minimal arrangement, on top of the armoire. Hoping to hear that the roman shades have arrived this week and can get installed before leaving on Thursday for a little getaway ski trip. If not, they should be here for sure by next week.

As previously mentioned, the wall color is very changeable, (Benjamin Moore’s “Sea Glass”) ranging from blue-green to a green gray-blue. It’s tough to get a true sense of the color in pictures. The camera translates it differently depending on the time of day. In this picture it looks more gray-blue and you don’t really pick up the green. Trust Miss Party, it’s there, think Robin’s egg blue.

Miss Party has been on pins and needles waiting for her daughter to see it for the first time, hoping she would like it all. Oh, happy day –she loves it!


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