DIY Guest of Honor Memory Board – A quick and easy way to display pictures!

Lots of parties honor a particular guest –grad parties, birthday parties, engagement and baby showers or retirement parties. A ‘through-the-years’ homage to the guest of honor is always a nice and thoughtful touch. If you have access to lots of good pictures showcasing the guest of honor, make a low-tech, montage memory board and/or table display to give guests the opportunity to revisit the guest of honors’ life, accomplishments or just show a different side of their personality.

Purchase a fabric-covered, padded ribbon board. The ribbon board above was purchased at a Vera Bradley outlet store, and was available in a wide variety of discontinued fabrics (try eBay also). Ribbon boards with current fabric options are available in their regular Vera Bradley stores and online. Also, run online searches for ‘ribbon boards’ or ‘memory boards’, look at craft and fabric stores or consider making your own, which isn’t too hard to do. If possible, coordinate the fabric colors to your party decor colors. In the example above, the ‘Viva La Vera!‘ fabric on the ribbon board was also used in a party goods collection, so the entire party decor was coordinated together (lucky Miss Party!), tablecloths, etc.

Collect a wide variety of pictures of the guest(s) of honor through their years of growing up, doing a variety of activities or pictured with various family members, friends, pets, etc. It may take awhile to get a large and varied enough collection to work with so start this part of the project early in your party planning. Don’t underestimate this part of the process and be left scrambling right before the party. Print digital images from different sources. Scan or color copy physical pictures if they are being temporarily borrowed from friends or family. The nice part of a ribbon memory board is that the pictures will be completely unharmed (unlike a bulletin board).

When you think you have a good selection and assortment of photos, spread them all out on a table with your ribbon board nearby. As a reference to how many might be needed, for the rectangular board in the pictures, Miss Party collected about 40 pictures of various sizes to work with and ended up using 33 of those. Start sliding corners of pictures behind each ribbon, working them this way and that until you fit all or most of your collection onto the board. You may want more of the fabric to show than in Miss Party’s example but keep playing with it until you are happy. In no time at all, you’ll have a bright and beautiful overview of your guest of honor’s life and passions.

It’s a lovely and colorful, low-tech piece for a display table at their party. Add additional memorabilia of the guest of honor’s life to the table. Could you do a digital slideshow viewed on a laptop instead? Yes, but something tangible is lost in the translation. It’s a bit of work, but you’ll gain it back in the end. After the party, the entire memory board makes a really nice memory gift for the guest of honor, or remove all the pictures (if the pictures themselves need to be returned to wherever they came from) and just give the ribbon board to the guest of honor for future use.

Oh, memories!!


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