‘MAD MEN’-inspired 60s Theme Party – The final season to indulge!

If you’re a ‘MAD MEN’ devotee and have secretly wanted to throw a 60s themed party (not of the hippee variety) but never got around to it all these years the show has been rocking it –now is the perfect time to do it! It’s the final season of ‘MAD MEN’ and there’s no time like the present to close the deal.

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Of course, you’ve got to start looking for a man-killer dress and kitten heels for such an occasion. While you’re searching for that, pencil out a 60s menu full of canapes that Betty would approve of and jump on Etsy to find an authentic 60s Kromex tiered canapé tower. That’s just the beginning of the fun! Let’s time-travel!

Need to get ‘in the mood’ for this era? Take a look at this post for some ideas on how to pull off a ‘MAD MEN’-inspired swanky and chic cocktail party. If you still need more 60s ‘MAD MEN’ love? Check out this brain dump of all things related —‘MAD MEN’/Mid-century Theme-storm.

A key area to include when doing an era-specific party is to offer a menu that would have been common to that era. In this case, you’ll want to do a 50-60s inspired menu full of cocktail food classics. Canapés ruled! This 1960s-inspired cocktail party menu post is a good place to start. You might have a few old Betty Crocker cookbooks handed down from mom or grandma, or try eBay. “The Unofficial MAD MEN Cookbook” by Judy Gelman and Peter Zheutlin, is super fun to read and a great resource for old recipes that might have been favoured by ‘MAD MEN’ characters.

Need a cocktail for a crowd? Go with an ever-popular punch bowl full of a delicious 60s cocktail. Take the cocktail recipe and do the math to convert it to a large quantity of approximately 2 quarts. Two quarts will yield approximately 12 punch glass-sized servings. You may still need to double or do 1 1/2 times the punch recipe to fill your punch bowl adequately. Know ahead of time how much liquid yourTake a look at this delicious 60s punch recipe for Canadian Clubhouse Punch. Guests loved it!

If you didn’t inherit all of grandma’s chic mid-century party platters and canapé trays, eBay and Etsy.com can help you out. Yard sales, estate sales and antique stores can also be gold mines of mid-century objects, serving items, and fun ‘party’ props. A vintage typewriter might be perfect for holding your bar menu or nab a few atomic-shaped ashtrays and stock them with candy cigarettes. The more you can set the stage for the time period, the more fun it is for your guests. Throw in ‘MAD MEN’ character-specific references on table food signs, signage, cocktail offerings –anywhere! It all collectively adds to the fun of the evening.

Ask guests to dress for the evening (but specify ‘swanky 60s-inspired attire, not hippie’ so the vibe is right. Most guests will enjoy putting an outfit together inspired by this time period. 60s folks dressed up to go the grocery store and certainly were well-turned out for a cocktail party. As for yourself, you might try eBay to find an outfit from the MAD MEN Collection Banana Republic created, inspired by the characters and time period. Guests in costume, whether actually vintage or just inspired by the era, will exponentially help your time-traveling party enjoy the ride.



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