‘Indigo Island’ Summer Party – A boho-chic beach vibe for cocktails & apps!

‘Indigo Island’ summer cocktail party is more of a vibe than a theme which is all that’s really needed to set a casual tone for your guests. A summery-feeling invitation preps guests for a relaxed evening of cocktails and apps (ask your guests to bring an appetizer to share) and lets them know dress is ‘outdoor casual’.

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As you can see, this party’s decor focuses on a relaxed boho-beachy feel, highlighted indigo-Shibori dyed linens and mainly works with shades of blue and white. Miss Party is all about blue and white this year and couldn’t get enough of that combination. A few months before the party date, Miss Party prepped the indigo-dyed Shibori table linens you see throughout the party pics. It was a fun DIY project (see DIY post) that was well worth the time and effort as the linens have been used multiple times after the party.

Gather shells of all sizes from your own personal collection or buy bags of shells in home good stores. Shells, obviously are needed in a fair quantity to suggest the beachy feel of this theme. Also look for oversized resin shells to get the look of real ‘trophy’ shells for less. Sandblasted glass candleholders and votives in soft blues and greens suggest a beautiful beach glass look which adds to your party theme’s decor but also double for mood-setting ambient light. Don’t forget to collect lots of pretty pillar candles for outdoor lanterns and citronella candles, too. Cafe lights strung over the patio space is a real bang for your buck that you can enjoy all season. Can’t have too much ambient light sources for an outdoor evening party.

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Miss Party really wanted to emphasize the summery blue and white color scheme with a few shots of green here and there so she pulled out blue and white china, cut blue hydrangeas for vases, used hand-dyed blue and white linens (see DIY posts on dying Shibori-style linens), used handmade denim flowers (see DIY posts) and lots of accent pillows on outdoor furniture.


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