About Miss Party

Summer PartyChristina Komine, aka Miss Party, has a unique point of view and approach to living and entertaining. She’s driven by an emphasis on visual aesthetic and intimate detail, but has an eye on the practical experience of the guest. She continuously gathers new ideas from the latest trends in art, fashion and interior design. Her inspirations come from everyday beauty, reinventing styles from the past, and adding a little international flavor. One of her personal goals is to strive to ‘live a beautiful life’ and the Miss Party blog is a vehicle for fulfilling a professional goal of sharing that with others.

Chris has recently begun an exciting new business venture as Owner/President of ROCK PAPER GRAPHICS, LLC. She hopes this business will give her lots of new avenues to bring together her love of graphic design and art and is looking forward to where this may lead.

Over 32 years, Chris has worked in and around the hospitality industry on a personal and professional level. She began her journey with a small catering company in Virginia in 1983 where she caught the hospitality bug and got a quick education in hard work with high quality standards. She moved on to work with Marriott Hotels located in Maryland, Virginia and California. With each relocation, she coordinated renovation and interior design for a number of homes and has a personal interest in interior design. Over the last 20 years, she has applied her knowledge in catering, party planning, design and organization to several volunteer leadership positions with non-profit organizations in the New England area. In particular, she worked diligently with the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts for 15 years, encouraging young women to become strong leaders.

While raised on both the East and West coasts, Chris has since lived in almost every region of the United States. She was blessed to have the opportunity to be a Homeschool Teacher for her two beautiful and independent-minded daughters for 13 years and has been strongly committed to lifelong education. Besides her greatest love, which is her family, she adores entertaining friends and extended family and is a great fan of the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots. She has a wonderful, supportive and handsome husband whom she adores traveling the world with, and is watched over daily by her sweet Pembroke Welsh Corgi who keeps her in line if ever she strays too far from the herd!

If you’d like to contact Chris, aka Miss Party, with questions or advice on lifestyle and entertaining matters of all sorts, email her at ChrisMissParty@yahoo.com. Please follow her on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, @ChrisMissParty. She looks forward to hearing from you!

Go forth and live a beautiful life!