Miss Party’s Perfect Guest Room Checklist

Is there really a perfect guest room? No, of course not. Every guest’s idea of what is perfect would be different. This comprehensive list, however, will get things going in the right direction towards thoughtfully welcoming all your guests with an accommodation that meets or exceeds their needs. We’ll start with the basics and work up from there.

The basics every adult overnight guest really needs:

–*bedroom and bathroom doors that close properly and lock from the inside
–a reasonably comfortable place to sleep –not a ‘rack of pain’ (please, sleep on it overnight yourself to be sure, your guests won’t tell you)
–adequate bedside lighting
–functioning alarm clock (digital nice at night)
–accessible fan
–accessible extra blanket
–functioning privacy and/or light-blocking window coverings
–**fresh towels (bath and hand towels, several washcloths, bath mat)
–card (framed or not) with home wi-fi password
–1-2 surge protected, 6 outlet, power strips for charging guest’s personal devices
–hair dryer
–small flashlight
–nightlight in bathroom, hallway to bathroom
–box of facial tissues
–several extra rolls of toilet paper in bathroom
–toilet plunger (just in case)

‘Extras’ most adult guests would like or might forget:

–actual mattress/box spring/bed frame (as opposed to an inflatable bed, futon or sofa-bed)
–pillow options for harder, softer and down-alternatives (all in removable pillow covers)
–luggage rack or bench so luggage doesn’t have to be on the floor (especially for older guests)
–nightstands and lighting for both sides for queen/king bed
–clear surfaces in bedroom/bathroom (almost no knicknacks)
–clock/radio/iPod player, such as an all-in-one ‘iHome’
–full-length mirror
–comfortable upholstered chair and reading light
–good task lighting for dressing/makeup
–bottled water (mini bottles work well) or small water decanter/clean glass
–bath toiletries that might have been forgotten (disposable razors, new toothbrush, mini toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, feminine hygiene supplies)
–nail clipper, nail files
–cotton balls and cotton swabs
–shower cap
–extra towels of all sizes, especially washcloths
–small sewing kit, Tide Stick

Real luxuries that make a guest room/bathroom or home stay a real treat:

–good quality mattress/box spring/bed frame
–calm and inviting bedroom decor
–premium thread-count sheets and high-quality bedding
–plush, gently-used towels
–coordinated bath accessories
–lightweight bathrobe, washable slippers
–empty nightstand drawer
–empty shelf and/or hanging space
–large, empty basket for throw pillows or dirty linens
–small desk/chair
–jewelry holder on nightstand
–small bouquet of fresh flowers
–live plant
–snack basket (snack bars, bagged nuts, individually wrapped chocolates)
–lap throw
–television with cable, remote
–coffee/tea station (simple, single-cup coffeemaker, provide directions) (need cups, tea bags, powder creamer and sugar packets)
–small bottle of guest’s preferred night cap liquor and glass, on a small tray
–personal drink and snack preferences available in the kitchen and feeling empowered to ‘help oneself’, as desired
–a real luxury is having all the items on the first list be in good working order so guests don’t have mishaps or guilt for breaking something already partially broken

Helpful hint: Miss Party is making a “Visitors” bin for ‘guest-only’ items that can be stored dust and use free by family members, until needed.

*Young family members should be taught/instructed they should never enter a guest’s room or touch their belongings during their stay. Guests are entitled to expect reasonable privacy. Double goes for a closed bathroom door.)

** If bath towels are all the same color, safety pin a differently colored 4 inch piece of fabric ribbon to each towel in a set so guests know their own, for example one set has a red ribbon pinned to each piece, one set has a blue ribbon, etc. Remove the ribbons before washing. Alternatively, provide a set of towels for each person in a different color.


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