Miss Party’s 10 Golden Tidbits of Wisdom to a Fabulous Party

Here are Miss Party’s 10 Golden Tidbits of Wisdom to help you on your party planning journey. Please embroider them into a sampler and frame them at your earliest convenience. Go forth and plan parties!

1) BE ORGANIZED! – Get an 8 1/2 x 11 pad of paper and a pocket file folder you can dedicate to this party. Keep EVERYTHING related to the party in this file or written down on the pad; receipts, brochures, pics, etc.

2) MAP IT OUT! – Figure out a general party planning schedule on your personal calendar. Make notes ON your calendar when major things need to be done to keep yourself on track. Nothing derails party plans faster than time and disorganization, stay on their good side!

3) GET A CHECKLIST! – Find a good ‘Party Planner Checklist’, print it and refer to it periodically to stay on track. If you’re a novice hostess, use it often to keep from missing something crucial.

4) RESERVE EARLY! – Reserve key party components early, like tent rental and entertainment. Do you really want to look at the sad face looking up at your sad face when you tell them they aren’t getting who or what they wanted at their party because you called too late? I think not!

5) SURPRISE AND DELIGHT GUESTS! – Find at least one new thing for each party you host that will surprise or delight your guests! This suggestion is aimed at keeping your annual parties fresh; your repeat guests looking forward with anticipation to whatever your next soiree’s occasion might be, and continuing to keep it fun for you to plan the next party.

6) PARTY MARTYRS NEED NOT APPLY! – Pick a handful of DIY party projects to try, and if you must, ask a friend or family member to do one more; but after that you really must hire out or buy ready-made on any other projects. A Party Martyr who has reached the end of her overdue highlights is NOT a pleasure to live with!

7) CUT BACK FOOD QUANTITY! – Guests simply do not eat a lot when they are mingling. Save yourself time, money and wasted food by reducing your final guarantee number by one-fourth of your head count for a caterer or in figuring quantity you prepare for. Make your menu and then take 1-2 items off the list. *Caveat: reduce guarantee number if serving buffet style, if serving plated meals, obviously, you must go by your final head count.

8) BE THE HOSTESS! – When you’re the Hostess, BE the Hostess; not the Waiter, the Chief Cook, nor the Bottle Washer! Hire a Server or two that can cover serving, replenishing, tidying and washing up afterwards. Do the cooking and prep all the day long, but when it’s party time, turn in your apron, honey! Any party over 20 people, needs a dedicated Server and that should not be you! Delegate or hire help. The Host/Hostess are irreplaceable, washing dishes anyone can do. *An exception would be a children’s party that you host but aren’t socializing at yourself (unless parents will stay). Even then, you should have a relative or friend assisting you.

9) KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON! – Having high anxiety leading up to or during party time comes to no good for you or those who continue to love you only because they knew you before you became possessed. Whatever happens, happens –get over it and move on! If something in your plan doesn’t work out, no one knows it but you. Whatever the situation is –IT IS WHAT IT IS! You must keep moving forward. Party time waits for no man or hostess!

10) ENJOY YOUR OWN PARTY! A sweaty, haggard-looking Hostess is not a pretty sight! When the party starts, remember, this is supposed to be the fun part. Your friends and family can hardly enjoy themselves if they feel you are working yourself to the bone for them OR look like a stress bucket. Relax, smile, chat and at the very least, pretend you are enjoying yourself. Pretty soon, you will settle down and you really will enjoy your own party/event and all those compliments at what a lovely party it was!


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