Miss Party’s Perfect Brunch Party Planner

Miss Party’s Brunch Party Planner

2-3 weeks before:
-Pencil out a menu.
-Take linens to dry cleaners for pressing or DIY.
-Purchase any paper products and plastic beverage glasses needed. (Consider paper goods for children.)
-Think through children’s activities plan. Will they watch a video? A DIY activity table? Supervised game or egg hunt? You want as many happy children as possible. Everyone will be happier! Purchase supplies needed.
-Decide on a SMALL party favor. An edible favor works for all ages. Buy supplies.

1 week before:
-Finalize your menu and make grocery lists, go through each recipe and beverage station.
-Color eggs.
-Think through equipment/platters/dishes needed. Buy or borrow what you don’t have.
-Clean the house, especially bathrooms. Put away breakables or valuables that small hands might find interesting.
-Prep children’s activities.
-Make food description tent cards or attach to place card holders for casseroles. Guests will appreciate not having to ask.

Three days before:
-Get out EVERY dish or platter needed for your food dishes. (Wash up dusty serving dishes.)
-Put a sticky note with food dish name into corresponding dish to be sure there is a dish for every single item that will need a container.
-Wash glasses and hand wipe, so no water spots.
-Gather baskets for breads, set up the stations.
-Grocery shop. Multiple stops may be needed to gather all ingredients.
-Buy pots of spring flowers.
-Make party favors.

Two days before:
-Prep the buffet table and beverage stations.
-Buy cut flowers, if desired.
-Set up a children’s dining table, if desired. If you will seat adults, set up dining table.
-Decorate the public spaces, if desired. Arrange flowers for table, entryway.
-Set up children’s activity, or supplies.
-Bake cookies, if desired.

One day before:
-Pickup bakery order.
-Make salad dressings or sauces, if needed.
-Do any possible food prep towards the end of the day.
-If possible, bake dessert. Platter and cover.

Morning of:
-Baking a ham, turkey or roast? Get it in the oven at calculated time!
-Combine fruit for fruit salad. Put in serving bowl and refrigerate.
-Finish prepping salad except for dressing.
-Pre-split any rolls, bagels, etc.
-When meat is finished, cover and set aside to cool.
-If you plan to pre-assemble meat sandwiches, platter now and cover.
-Get your own shower! Get children dressed.

One hour ahead:
-Put any casseroles in the oven for baking. SET TIMERS!
-Set out beverages.
-Make coffee and hot water. Put in carafes. Finish setting up the hot beverage station.
-Finish up the breakfast breads station. Cover baked goods to keep from drying out.
-Put green salad into serving bowl and toss with dressing, cover. Put on buffet table.
-Set out any condiments needed such as mustard, salt & pepper.

Half hour ahead:
-Put on music to relax EVERYONE and signal the party will soon be starting. Pour yourself a Mimosa! Take a breath, you got this!
-Put out cream for coffee.
-Cover casseroles and leave in the oven (turned off) to stay warm until time to serve.

As guests arrive:
-Get out of the kitchen to welcome guests! Take coats and purses.
-Offer a beverage to get everyone relaxing.
-If kids can go outside, send them along, It will give adults a chance to catch up.
-Sneak back into the kitchen to finish setting out the buffet and unwrap the food dishes.

Brunch is served, enjoy!


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