‘Mad Tea Party’ Table Centerpiece – The more the merrier and every way is the right way!

How does one decorate a mad tea party table? Well, to begin at the beginning, it is quite unlike any other! You must think in a different way than you typically would. The more mismatched, odd or whimsical the items on the table, the better. ALL manner of unrelated objects and knick-knacks might work – […]

‘Denim Blue Jeans’ Inspired Party, Part 1 – Take a beloved classic and give it a twist!

Does your guest of honor seem to LIVE in his or her jeans? Wouldn’t most of us put our jeans on a list of things we can’t live without? Use the ever-so-humble denim blue jeans to inspire your next party – they’re absolutely timeless! Blue jeans are a wardrobe staple and an enduring part of […]

‘Denim Blue Jeans’ Inspired Party, Part 2 – Take a beloved classic and give it a twist!

Okay, enough chit-chat! Gather up some old, retired jeans you are willing to cut up (or purchase a couple of pairs at a secondhand clothing store and machine wash before using). Purchase a couple of yards of denim in several different washes, weaves or weights (hopefully on sale, denim is a bit pricey per yard). […]

DIY Vintage Paper Hack – ‘Aged’ paper in a snap!

Need vintage looking paper right now and don’t have 75-100 years to wait for it to look that way? Make your own! Vintage-looking paper can be used for invitations, tags, signs, cards of any size and it’s super easy to do yourself! This hack takes just minutes to do and costs next to nothing in […]

Behind the Scenes of a ‘JINGLE MINGLE’ holiday party!

So, here are a few pics from Miss Party’s ‘MAD MEN’-inspired ‘JINGLE MINGLE’ holiday party taken throughout the evening. The party was themed to circa 1962, as you may have been following in previous ‘Behind the Scenes’ posts. It was one of those perfect parties that played out without a hitch. As you’ll see below, […]

Behind the Scenes of a ‘MAD MEN’-inspired holiday party –‘JINGLE MINGLE’ all the way!

Miss Party’s annual holiday party was SO FUN to prep this year! As you may have already read from previous ‘Behind the Scenes’ posts, the theme for 2012 was “JINGLE MINGLE”, circa 1962 (exactly 50 years ago). As soon as the theme was decided, Miss Party went to town purchasing or digging up vintage invitations, […]

Behind the Scenes of a hip little holiday party – The ‘JINGLE MINGLE’ party invitation!

Miss Party is crazy-in-love with the final results of the untraditional party invitations she created for her ‘JINGLE MINGLE’ holiday party! They’re a little bit artsy, a little bit vintage, a little bit holiday and a whole lot of cool. She incorporated authentic, vintage, unused party invitations into otherwise modern invitations. They hit a sweet […]

Holiday Party Themes, Part 4 – Just a few MORE themes for inspiration!

This is a continuation of “Holiday Party Themes, Part 3”, however, the themes aren’t in any particular order so seeing them in consecutive order isn’t necessary. Enjoy! ‘Christmas on Hollywood & Vine’ Glam, Old Hollywood Theme – This party should ooze vintage Hollywood elegance and glamour. Imagine your party is being held at an old […]

Holiday Party Themes, Part 2 – MORE inspiration from the season!

This is a continuation of Miss Party’s post, “Holiday Party Themes, Part 1“, with lots more ideas for sub-themes for your upcoming holiday parties. Pour another cup of coffee or tea and keep adding to your ‘NICE’ list. Enjoy! MORE fabulous inspiration for Holiday/Christmas/Winter-themed parties: ‘Dreaming of a White Christmas’ Rustic-Modern, Winter Theme – This […]

‘Mad Men’/Mid-Century Theme-Storm

Mid-Century-Retro themes; ‘Mad Men’ theme; Retro cocktail party theme; Retro barbecue party theme; ‘Manhattan-chic’ theme; ‘Suburbia’ theme; ‘JingleMingle’ Retro-Mod Christmas cocktail party; ‘Retro-Kitch’ Christmas party theme; ‘Manhattans and Martinis!’ theme; ‘Come for Cocktails!’ Retro inspiration; Retro ‘Hawaiian Luau’ or ‘Backyard BBQ’ theme Mid-Century is 1935-1965 – ‘Mad Men’ hit tv show begins in early 1960s-through […]